Reception areas

Creating inspiring reception areas – because first impressions count

As the first place your visitors see, your school’s reception area gives visitors an understanding of how your school operates. Whether formal and imposing to show the traditional culture of your school or boarding house, or friendly and warm to encourage parental involvement, your reception area lies at the heart of your school.

Here are our Reception Area recommendations:

1.First Impressions Count

From a visitor’s point of view, your reception area encapsulates the school’s ethos. The focus may be on huge windows looking out over your grounds; or an information led area with screens that may also be a meeting or collection point, students, their families and your guests will all see your reception on their initial arrival. How it looks, and your staff act, will give your students a rulebook for their behaviour, engagement and ultimately their success at your school.

Reception Areas

2.Reception Reflections

Is it clearly signposted? If you were a visitor, could you find your reception area easily? Do you offer comfortable seating areas, a friendly greeting – does it impress?

Is it light and bright?  Is it warm and welcoming?

If not, we can help. Our professional design and installation team create bespoke solutions for reception areas that make a difference. From storage that stays out of sight, to professional layouts, we work with you to make sure your reception is the best advertisement for your school.

3.Design is Everything

So what do you need to consider? We know that positive outcomes are directly linked to student engagement and it starts with your reception area.

  • Natural lighting: all school receptions should have a light and airy feel. If your reception does not get enough natural light we have solutions that will help; we can also design seating layouts to maximise the space you have.


  • Good acoustics: can your staff easily hear your visitors? When there are a number of people arriving, do they drown each other’s voices out? Often reception areas were first built without consideration for acoustics but Envoplan’s design and fitouts ensure we maximise sound at all levels.


  • Ambient temperature: is your reception area placed directly adjacent to external doors that keep opening? Is it draughty or even cold? Keep your staff and visitors happy with a pleasant temperature throughout.


  • Ergonomic seating: we offer colours, sizes and designs to suit all requirements to make sure everyone is comfortable!


  • Storage: do you find there is never enough? Our built in storage keeps surfaces clear and tidy, giving a very good impression of your reception.


  • Lights, Camera, Action!: and let’s not forget, often the reception area is the focus of school photographs so your school’s branding and design are key here. Colours, fabrics, logos and your school name should all be prominently displayed.


  • Improve your student outcomes with a reception area they are proud to show off.

Envoplan – designing and fitting quality learning spaces for almost 50 years.

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