SIP sorted? What’s next?

Striving for excellence in your school, your senior leadership team have created the SIP – School Improvement Plan.  From months of evaluation and reflection, this improvement plan addresses all the areas your school intends to focus on in both the long and short term including behaviour and learning, leadership and management, staff and student development and any expansion or updates needed for the school site.

School leaders know that they need to be constantly refining and adapting to the challenges of education. Here are just some of the ways Envoplan can support your learning environment and make sure you stay ahead:

Behaviour and Learning

Behaviour is becoming a key area for schools to address. Many students have had months off school and away from learning and post lockdown, school staff are finding challenging behaviour more of an issue than ever before. Do your school surroundings inspire student engagement?  Are your classrooms laid out with zoned areas for students to be able to access quiet reading areas, or group collaborative work? Is your school a friendly, bright, attractive place to study? If not, we can help. Envoplan can increase your student engagement by facilitating learning through our intelligent design process to ensure success.


Leadership and Management

Your school management team have to answer to many stakeholders. From parents to governors, ISC, ISI or Ofsted, there is rigorous checking of what your school provides and its results against what it promises. Often school leaders inherit their site and may not see the potential their school has to offer. 

However, we know that business managers are always looking to improve the school grounds, whether from increased lettings of the site, events, alumni relations, changes to current buildings or extending the site.

We can help.

Whether a refresh of your technology, an update to your learning environments or a brand new building, Envoplan can advise on the best way forward for your leadership to improve your school.

Staff and Student Development

Leaders look at the school’s improvement from a strategic overview, but your staff and students are the ones using these learning spaces on a daily basis.  Whether you need more space in your library or laboratories, classrooms or outside areas, a welcoming reception area or better sporting facilities, our consultant led design ensures your students and staff have a say so we know that what we build and install is exactly what is needed.


No detail is too small.  From temperature to acoustics, from natural light to advanced technology and incorporating all the storage you need, our professionals design and fit to your bespoke requirements.

School site expansion or updates

So your improvement plan highlights what changes you need to make to your site but you don’t know where to start?

Whether you are new to the process or you are an experienced school business manager who has overseen many projects, we are here for you. We work with traditional schools and boarding houses housed in century old buildings to those with very modern designs;  we can create rooms with a ‘wow’ factor for your prospectuses or blend in seamlessly with your surroundings.

Call us today to find out how.

Envoplan – designing and fitting quality learning spaces for almost 50 years.

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