Maximise the space

5 tips on how to maximise the space in your school

Space in schools is at a premium; aiming to create the most beneficial learning environments you can for your learners is key to their success. With official figures suggesting nearly 900,000 extra spaces may be needed in schools by 2023, many schools are looking to expand or increase their potential admission numbers.

Here are Envoplan’s 5 top recommendations to maximise space in your school:

1. Transformational Environments

Think of your school grounds. Are there any areas that are unloved or under utilised? Here at Envoplan we can help maximise capacity without compromising space. 

maximise the space

Outdoor learning environments can utilise areas of your site making them an integral part of your healthy school design. Transform and repurpose your school with Envoplan’s intelligent bespoke design process.  Our experienced teams create superb spaces inside and out that integrate seamlessly with your existing facilities, giving your students the benefit of different environments to grow and nurture their learning.

2.Advanced Technology

Children with higher levels of technological ability will find their lives enriched as the world moves rapidly forwards. Ensuring your classroom has 21st century digital opportunities means your confident learners can research, practice, communicate and present with ease.   Digital learning is designed with space, monitor height, visual issues, natural lighting and more considered at every turn.

With Envoplan’s technological tools for success, students can:

  • Collaborate on a global scale
  • Record and access up to date information
  • Locate and use relevant materials on any subject

Our professional tech team can design and install a range of digital options to suit all learners whatever your environment. 

3.Minimise Clutter, Maximise Engagement

If your learning areas are organised and kept free of any unwanted distractions, students will focus more and engagement will be higher, leading to more productive lessons and facilitating success in the classroom.

We always design with inclusivity and wellbeing in mind. Our classroom interiors are made for students of all abilities, for example, we know that some feel more comfortable in spaces with curved walls and with a variety of sensory experiences.  Simply tell us how you use your space, how you like to teach and what you need to store. We’ll come up with a proposal that meets your needs. 

4. Versatile Learning

Teaching self-management, leadership skills and higher-level thinking to our young people is best done in intelligently designed spaces where educational leaders can adapt to the needs of their individual students’ requirements. Your school can move beyond the traditional learning styles, encouraging the growth mindset development of your young learners.

More open layouts, natural lighting and acoustics aligned with your school’s colours and branding provides your students with learning environments they can feel comfortable and confident to access and achieve in.

Give your students the best possible successful education environment to facilitate increased learner engagement and create your school’s student success stories.

5.Educational Ergonomics

Consider your students’ seating, desks and surroundings. Small changes can impact cognitive ergonomics to improve memory, concentration, behaviour and achievement levels. Our ergonomically improved seating means students can concentrate on their learning and be comfortable at all times.

At Envoplan, your students are at the heart of our design process.  We consider all aspects of improving your school’s ergonomic environment so your learners’ overall school experience is optimised.  Combining our creative thinking with your school’s long term aims will deliver exceptional results for your learners.

Envoplan – designing and fitting quality learning spaces for almost 50 years.

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