Modular Systems And The Benefits Of Modular Buildings

Does Your School Need to Expand?

Read on to find out why Envoplan’s modular systems could enhance your school
grounds and realise the full potential of your school site:
Our bespoke service from concept to completion means individual design, manufacture and
build of modular buildings through to installation, including interior and exterior design, all
groundwork and associated landscaping to suit your school. It really couldn’t be easier to
add space to your school grounds. If you need more classrooms, larger libraries, additional

dormitories or simply to create more areas for students to access, please read on.

Modular buildings are additional education spaces for your school that can be installed
quickly and easily with minimum inconvenience to you. Whether temporary, permanent or
demountable, our quality modular buildings are built off-site in factory conditions at our

facility in the UK.

Consisting of a number of modules which are typically sized up to 12m long, 4m wide and
4m high, the design of modular buildings facilitates efficient road transport. Modules are built
from timber and steel, with plumbing and electrical services fitted in the factory, and can be
fully finished and decorated internally and externally before they arrive on site.
Our experienced teams create superb spaces that integrate seamlessly with your existing
facilities, giving your students the benefit of different environments to grow their learning.

Modular benefits include:


Low cost

Our modular buildings can be a far cheaper way to extend your school than a new build

Faster speed

We offer delivery and fit up to 70% quicker than traditional construction 

Minimal disruption

Shorter time on site means minimal disruption to your school 

Fewer delays

With the majority of construction inside, in factory conditions, we can keep you up to speed

on the timings and delivery

Increased certainty

We know schools have tight timeframes and with modular, the programme and cost can be

more closely controlled 

Better for the environment

We are proud to announce our modular systems need up to 90% fewer construction vehicle

movements, building a cleaner environment

Less waste and more sustainable

With buildings created in our factory, this enables more economic use of sustainable
materials from start to finish

Improved quality

We have 50 years of experience designing and fitting schools in all areas. We build on our
successes with consistently high-quality building and finishes throughout
Our services include project consultants offering whole school master planning and
development schemes that maximise your assets and realise the full potential of your estate.
We offer a complete planning service that includes heritage and listed building consents,
feasibility studies and pre-app advice, meaning you don’t have to worry about missing
anything important. We are there to support you from start to finish.

Contact us to find out how. 

Envoplan – designing intelligent spaces for almost 50 years.  

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