5 Reasons Why Social Spaces Are Key In The School Environment

How important are social spaces in your learning environment?

1.  Support your Staff

 Your staff matter!
With social spaces that support their needs, you provide them with areas that they can use to catch up on marking, to liaise with colleagues, to chat with students and to meet with parents. Staffrooms are the heart of the school for your colleagues and should include a variety of areas for staff to be able to congregate or be able to have private or professional conversations if needed.  
Envoplan’s staffroom designs give your staff the
opportunity to socialise in style with seating colours, fabrics and features to suit.

2. Champion Formal and Informal Learning

Students achieve more if they are able to mix styles of learning. 
Our classroom layout designs promote students’ ability to concentrate with tidy classrooms and clutter hidden behind Teaching Walls; multi-use seating that can be configured in a number of ways; and advanced technology to encourage digital usage. 
Teaching can be done from the front of the classroom or more informally arranged and with zones created to support all styles of learners.

With our audio and visual arrangements that will foster a love of learning, students will be able to access what they need, when they need it, to create a culture of educational success.

3. Advance Student Interaction

Student engagement is key to the layout of your social spaces. 

Much like your staff, students also need variety with loud, group workspaces, quiet areas for individual study, or working together in small teams who all need to be heard and work collaboratively. 

We value student-led interaction at all ages and stages of learning and our experienced design professionals aim to put students’ needs at the front and centre of their classroom layouts.

Regular student feedback states how much of an impression their teachers had on them in working with us can achieve maximum student engagement and interaction for all your 

4. Develop Advanced Aims

If your students are not working to the best of their ability, have a look at your classroom

Whether traditional or new build, trust us to give you space in your classroom that benefits learners of every age and every level, ensuring they are allowed to excel and flourish in a classroom that encourages them to work hard and gain the benefits of achieving their full potential.

5. Build Confident, Happy Learners

Some schools still have poorly fitted fluorescent lighting that limit students’ attention or dark, badly lit areas that do not feel safe and are certainly not conducive to social gatherings.

We believe that if your students are provided with social zones they will be calmer, more productive, happier and more successful throughout their time with you, leading to far more mutually beneficial and respectful conversations and interactions. 

You might be looking around your school thinking, ‘Where do I start?’. Your first step is to give us a call or look at our website where we can show you our success stories.

Contact us to find out how. 

Envoplan – designing intelligent spaces for almost 50 years.  

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