Clear The Clutter – 5 Benefits of Teaching Walls

How could Teaching Walls help your learning environment?
Envoplan’s Teaching Walls transform classrooms layouts and improve student attention and engagement.
Read on to find out 5 benefits of this innovative system:

1. Teaching Walls put your children at the heart of learning

Imagine your classrooms; are children sitting in many different places, seeing the teacher or the board from different angles? 

If so, some will have a much worse view than others and this immediately puts them at a disadvantage.

The answer is simple. Teaching Walls cover enough space to ensure all your students can see, hear and learn – always. 


Envoplan’s specialist system, designed for you by our experienced and professional designers, means you will maximise learning space at all times to ensure all your students are a success story in achieving their full potential.

2. Superbly efficient space and storage

From books to sinks to hooks to toys and more, our classrooms are overflowing with the important items that teachers need to be able to access quickly.
With Teaching Walls, there are no more bags behind desks or wobbling piles of books on top of tables; teachers no longer need to worry about having anything on show that they would rather have behind cupboard doors. 

We leave the important learning to take place through your lessons. Teaching Walls will transform not only your classroom, but your teachers’ ability to be able to create separate storage zones for each of their individual needs.

3. Teaching Walls fit anywhere, any environment

Whether your school was founded hundreds of years ago and is steeped in traditional surroundings, or was built much more recently with shiny new classrooms, we can help. 

From rooms that are small and where every square metre matters, to large teaching areas that are spacious but in need of storage, we have many options for you to consider (always guided if needed by our friendly team). 

Built into your existing area, we make the most of your classrooms with specialist design and fit throughout. We can incorporate your current technology or we can inspire you with the latest digital systems. 

4. Clear the Clutter

Our superb Teaching Wall is the most space and storage efficient system we know of to clear your clutter. If your Reception needs to look tidier, we can help. If your Dining Hall is hungry for areas to put away plates and cutlery, we have ideas. 

If your Staffroom is overflowing with paperwork, we have multiple solutions. And if your Boarding House spaces are full to the brim, call us; in no time, your school could be transformed and clutter-free.

5. Bespoke Designs for Bespoke Learning Environments

Made in any colour, any design and any size or shape, our exquisite modular storage is designed to last and be a centrepiece of your classroom, yet blending in to avoid distractions and to ensure your students concentrate on what really matters – their learning.

Contact us to find out how. 

Envoplan – designing intelligent spaces for almost 50 years.  

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