Impact the Learning Environment has on Productivity for Students and Staff

How can you make sure your learning environment maximises positive production?
Here at Envoplan we know there are several aspects which can be optimised to make sure you get the best productivity out of your students and staff.

Comfort and Joy

How comfortable is the seating you offer? Does it ergonomically fit all shapes and sizes?

We offer bespoke furniture that suits your needs to ensure your students and staff will actively enjoy making use of them. From chairs in the classroom to seats in the Dining Hall, whether benches for multi-use or chairs for the individual student, you can be sure that they will be keen to sit and stay seated for the duration of the lesson or lunch break.

Room For One More?

The layout of space is key throughout the learning environment. 

Your students need areas to develop their critical thinking skills; to relax; to socialise; to problem solve; to move around; to be able to sit quietly and concentrate. 

Classrooms should have clear zones for students to benefit from these different needs, whether in small or large groups or working alone. 

And don’t forget your teachers! Staffrooms are also key spaces for teaching and support staff who may need quiet marking areas, work meetings or simply sociable seating plans so they can catch up with colleagues. 

Whether you need business-like layouts or free-flowing, multi-purpose areas that can be used for a wealth of different activities, we can help you..

20/20 Vision

Light is vital to the learning environment. Natural light coming in through large windows that flood a room is the best way for your students and staff to keep their eyesight in perfect condition.

So do away with artificial lighting and dark, badly lit rooms with a redesign by our talented and experienced team, who can show you exactly how to improve your current lighting situation. 

Rooms can be made brighter and lighter, ensuring everyone is alert, able to fully concentrate and perform better cognitively. 

Give your students the best chance of success with a new ‘look’ at your school!

Clear the Clutter

Get rid of any clutter in the classroom so your students can focus without distraction with a number of solutions: Firstly, our superb Teaching Wall is the most space and storage efficient system we know of. Built in to your existing area, we make the most of your classrooms with specialist design and fit throughout. 

Cupboards, beds, storage or lockers can be decorated with your logo, school colours or inspirational sayings, so we can reiterate your message of success in all areas of your school.

If your Reception needs to look tidier, we can help. If your Dining Hall is hungry for areas to put away plates and cutlery, we have ideas. If your Staffroom is overflowing with paperwork, we have multiple solutions. 

And if your Boarding House spaces are full to the brim, call us; in no time, your school could be transformed and clutter-free.

Contact us to find out how. 

Envoplan – designing intelligent spaces for almost 50 years.  

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