7 Ideas on Creating a Learning Environment that Supports Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

Here are our top 7 tips on how to support student wellbeing through your learning environment: 

Engaging Connections 

Schools are sociable environments so students will need areas for group work, individual study or teacher led activities. All of these develop important problem solving and behaviour management skills for learners of any age. You may be looking at your current spaces thinking you do not have enough room for all these differing requirements – we can assure you that we know space, we know schools and we can help create wonderful spaces for increased engagement.   


Diverse Environment 

Change around classrooms to encourage adaptable spaces that inspire and encourage confident learnersMake use of our renowned Teaching Wall to focus students’ interest; create new zones in your rooms with colour schemes and fabrics to engage children and young adults alike.  Students can practice higher level critical thinking and meta cognitive skills in a secure environment.  Our intelligent designs for your school will help you make the most of any area and bring about a renewed love for learning. 

Health and Wellbeing 

Are your students seated comfortably?  Do they have access to plenty of natural light and superb acoustics?  Are your classrooms laid out so everyone can see and hear the teacher?  

Increase students’ attention and focus and ensure higher levels of student performance with 

Envoplan’s seating ranges that inspire great posture. Our discreet acoustics mean your students will be able to hear everything they need and our individual classroom recommendations mean we put your students at the heart of every design. 


Better Breaks and Calmer Lunchtimes

School dining halls and refectories form an influential part of student life as key areas where students interact together and build long lasting social relationships.  Do yours inspire healthy eating and communication?  The intelligent layout of our dining halls means students can spend more time doing what is important to them – sports, socialising, attending clubs – and less time trying to navigate old queueing systems, meaning they will feel happier, more ready to concentrate and have a much more positive attitude throughout the day. 

Enrichment in Learning  

Give your students a sense of fulfilment and grow their selfconfidence with quality surroundings and bespoke designs whatever the learning environment. Foster personal growth and a deeper understanding with tailored classroom designs to suit your students’ needs; whilst Envoplan’s outdoor classrooms mean students can refresh their learning and resilience in a wonderful environment that will take them back to nature.    

Banish Clutter 

Allow your students to focus on the curriculum without being distracted by classroom clutter. Storage, intelligent design and clever colour schemes are all creatively used by our expert teams to encourage productive working in a focused, controlled and tidy area. Direct student attention to where you want it to be. Trust us, this helps teachers too!   

Digital Leaders 

Our younger generations have grown up expecting to use technology in many aspects of their life and will continue to do so. Students access technology at a fantastic rate – does your school offer a safe environment with clear guidelines using modern, up to date digital access across a range of devices? Our technology specialists can advise on what your school can do to become a digital leader and inspire your students to even greater success.

Contact us to find out how. 

Envoplan – designing intelligent spaces for almost 50 years.  

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