Spring Has Sprung – Lets Embrace Outdoor Learning

Can your students access the natural environment at school? 

Here at Envoplan we are keen to see children of all ages benefit from outdoor learning.  

Support your students from nursery through to KS5 by engaging them with outdoor learning whatever the weather.  Maximise the impact on your learners’ wellbeing and achievement with quality education that will improve their skills and engagement across the curriculum.  

Grow your school  

By facilitating practical, hands-on experiences, our outdoor classrooms bring the outside in as well as adding space and making the most of your school grounds.  Students will take more care of their surroundings and become more collaborative learners to develop an appreciation of your school’s natural areas.  

Envoplan’s outdoor classrooms are educational yet functional, they encourage students to learn in either a structured or unstructured manner and are ideal for teaching and learning, reading, group or individual work, breaktimes, music and art, quiet time and much more. 


The Great British Weather 

Whatever the weather here in the UK your students will stay warm and dry and will have the ability to access a natural backdrop 365 days of the year.  They will be able to look at the natural beauty around them and feel inspired; by planting the seeds of success from a young age your students will grow and flourish as learners throughout their lifetimes.  

Outdoor Classrooms 

Our intelligently designed outdoor learning classrooms are safe environments whatever the weather with so many benefits to help your pupils thrive with student led and initiated learning to enhance a range of vital life skills; create resilient, responsible and happy students who take a keen interest in nature. Improve their personal, social and emotional well-being from a very young age, whilst inspiring them to care for the environment.   

Improve students’ wellbeing and encourage interaction with the outdoors by creating a stunning weatherproof learning environment to suit any surroundings and let your students flourish and grow.   

Our outdoor classrooms are safe, secure and conform to all building and design standards. Envoplan’s experienced design and fit teamwork with you for the best solution for your outside space. We offer bespoke storage, seating, desking and shelving so you can really make your school’s outdoor classroom exactly what it needs to be for your students’ benefit and enjoyment – and it’s more fun for your teachers too! 

Call us to find out more.

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