5. Décor and display – Designing Your Next School Dining Hall

Choosing the right design style for your dining space is important. If you are designing your space for younger children, choose brighter colours and functional furniture. For older students, a more adult café-style design may be appropriate.

Involving the students in the design process in an excellent way to inspire ownership of the space and decrease vandalism.

If you are choosing new finishes for your furniture and flooring, it is also important to bear in mind the functionality and longevity of the materials.


When considering décor for your dining space, be guided by the following factors:


  • Ensure that all any upholstery wipe clean and seamless where possible.
  • Choose wall colours that will appear bright and clean, but won’t show up the dirt. On ceilings and high walls, choose white or another light colour to maximise the feeling of space.
  • Add elements of your school branding or theme your dining hall if relevant – this adds interest for the users of the space.
  • Make sure wall and floor coverings are easy to clean.
  • Install display boards or screens to show menus, school announcements or other display information. Screens  can also be useful in primary schools for after-school clubs.
  • When adding other colours into your space, remember how colours affect your mood and appetite.
What To Consider When Designing A School Dining Hall

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