4. Hygiene and Waste Disposal – Designing Your Next School Dining Hall

In today’s world correct handling and recycling of waste products, along with improving hygiene standards call for an effective waste management system.

Portable and well designed waste disposal units help to remind students of their responsibility to take care of their dining space.

By implementing an easy-to-use waste organisation system, canteen staff can also benefit. Timely and orderly collection of an already organised and segregated waste unit will make clearing up easier, and save time.

If  waste management systems are designed in accordance with your space, there is no need for them to be an eyesore.

Bear in mind the following points:

  • Always position waste bins near doors and exit routes.

  • Make sure surfaces of waste disposal areas are easy to keep clean.

  • Clearly make the designated areas for waste food, recyclable paper, plastic and dirty dishes. This will make clearing away the space a lot easier for the canteen staff.

  • Choose mobile units for ease of waste management. This will save your dining hall staff time and effort.

  • Encourage all users of your dining hall to take responsibility for their eating space and clear up after using the space.

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