Designing The Perfect Multi Use Sports Pavilion

We were delighted to be appointed as design and building specialists for the renowned Badminton School, a highly successful independent, boarding and day school for girls based in Bristol. Not only is it situated in a beautiful part of the UK, Badminton’s students regularly score extremely highly in GCSE and A-Levels – with almost 80% of students gaining 9-7 or A grades in 2021 – and has been the recipient of ‘Best West Country Independent School’ Award (Sunday Times Parent Power, 2017).
How could we improve such a school, you may ask?

What Should Be Considered For The Perfect Multi Use Modular Building?

The brief from Badminton School was for a series of additional modular spaces aimed at benefiting students and the wider community – a multi-use sports pavilion, called ‘The Hub’ which opened in June 2022, its name encapsulating its many functions as an activity, learning and social centre. This makes sure the school can grow and expand, as well as the key aims of supporting their students with modern technology in specialist educational areas as well as welcoming professional and amateur sports enthusiasts, and local groups.

The entire building was completed inside & out within the 2 weeks of the Easter holiday, making this modular construction method perfect for a busy school like Badminton.
Envoplan were invited to work with the Headteacher and Senior Team to design this versatile space, incorporating the latest in digital audio visual installations, multi use seating and study booths, a superb learning wall and the latest in catering facilities. The School hosts Match Teas for events, another potential revenue stream when hosting games.

What Does Badminton School Think Of Its New Facilities?

“[It] will allow greater scope for self-directed learning, an emerging strategy since pupils developed resilience as independent learners during the pandemic,” said the school.
Recent times have highlighted the need for strong personal skills, communication, teamwork, resilience and adaptability, alongside propensity for lifelong learning, such as Badminton’s focus on metacognition and self-directed learning.”
Badminton School believes investing in the future of our campus and facilities demonstrates our passion, drive and absolute ambition to keep Badminton and its pupils at the very fore of our world-class provision, and will help us lead our school in the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Badminton School Head, Rebecca Tear (Independent Education Today, February 2022).

How Could We Improve Your School?

Our multi-functional modular areas range from classrooms to staffrooms, from science laboratories to libraries. Sports pavilions open up your school to engagement from the wider community with students’ activities taking place during the school day in PE lessons or during breaktimes. Building a quality modular sporting centre gives you flexibility for usage, smaller zones that can be individually utilised for cheaper heating and energy bills as well as giving students an additional range of sporting and fitness opportunities in before and after school clubs.
As our team here at Envoplan said about working with Badminton School: ‘This latest development will provide an excellent environment for students to collaborate, innovate, and create their own pathways of learning for success – both in School and throughout their lives.’
Call us to find out how we could transform your school.

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