Chingford Foundation School Sixth Form Renovation

A vibrant upgrade


Chingford Foundation School wanted to create a new, vibrant and different Sixth Form area to provide a fully integrated space which had its own identity.  After considering the suitability of many different options, Chingford Foundation School asked Envoplan to design and build a truly unique space for the students to enjoy.


The space is split across two distinct areas, and the design scheme had to bring both areas together.  Student flow between the spaces had to be considered, as did creating a different ambience within the new Sixth Form Centre – it really had to stand out from the surrounding areas of the school and embrace a modern vibe.



By maintaining a centralised colour scheme and matching finishes throughout the area, our design team has really generated a cohesive space. With a free flow, students can use the social areas and the more formal work areas for great collaboration and study.  The design scheme is bold and stunning, from the feature wallpapers to the amazing new servery.  This, in turn, provides the students with the feeling of being part of something that is completely different to the rest of the school.  Altogether, a wonderful and exciting space for Chingford’s students to enjoy.




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