Cothill House School science lab refurbishment

This colourful science lab refurbishment allows the boys at Cothill House School to experiment and discover the joys of science.


Cothill House School were looking for a full science lab refurbishment to help bring their learning environment more up to date. We collaborated with the school to design and build a fully functioning laboratory and prep room with services at all workstations. The space needed to be colourful and functional, yet still accommodate the needs of students and staff.

We helped them create a more up to date science lab, including running gas and water supply to benches in the middle of the room


The original lab had fixed perimeter benching and loose ‘dry’ tables with no services. The old science lab design was dark wood, and looked outdated.

Our design team conducted a full redesign. We gave the 2 rooms a unique design layout, and personalised each space with a bright colour.



To achieve the stunning outcome, we did a lot of reconfiguration work. The new science lab design included services situated within the island units. We dug up the floor to install services and waste in multiple locations. Once we’d finished reconfiguring the space, we relaid the concrete floor and installed the different units.

The bespoke islands were manufactured specially to fit the space, taking into account the curved design.

The design incorporated a number of safety features, including automatic shut-off switches for the gas taps, amongst others.

The practical and efficient use of space uses bespoke storage and durable lab benching to create an inspirational yet fully functional science laboratory space.

We coupled clean white finishes with bright green and yellow. This new science lab is a stunning space for the boys at Cothill House School to continue learning and experimenting.


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