Guildford High School Learning Space Renovations

Refreshing Learning Space Upgrade


At Guildford High School for Girls we were asked to redesign their Junior Science lab to create an inspirational and fun interior scheme that was also user friendly and space efficient.

We also were commissioned by the Headteacher to create an inspirational learning environment for the 6th Form girls which was to become the ‘House Hub’. This is a multi-purpose learning space designed to cater for a number of different teaching requirements.


The 6th Form Science lab needed to be inspirational and professional whilst overcoming the challenge of fitting in the required number of students within the room. The existing space was being used as a standard classroom previously and it required a complete refurbishment and installation of essential services.



Through the lab design process and consultation with the school we developed a design that met this criteria and has set the school further ahead on its journey of success. We used a mixture of interconnecting shapes and colours to create both interest and flexibility which enables the teaching staff to set out the room according to their teaching style.

The flexibility and inspirational atmosphere of the ‘House Hub’ enables the school to use the room for both teacher led and student led learning. We created a number of ‘fidget spinner’ type work surfaces with corresponding acoustic rafts overhead to help control the sound reverberation within the room. The bold yet coordinated use of colour creates a professional yet welcoming feel and is reflective of the progressive nature of this school

Through the design process we created a scheme that allowed the room to be used for a varying number of pupils depending on the requirements at the time. We designed and manufactured a flexible pod unit that had a lift up worktop which created additional worksurface when needed. The use of a bold yet professional colour scheme together with our Teaching Wall product ensured a cohesive end result that will perform for many years to come.


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