Guildford High School Learning Space Renovations

Guildford High School collaborated with Envoplan to breathe some life into their learning spaces. Two science labs were refurbished.

Guildford's Brief

We created fun yet inspirational interior schemes for students and staff at Guildford High School for Girls. This award winning independent school of just under a thousand pupils contacted us to redesign their Science and Sixth Form learning departments. Our successful designs incorporated user friendly, multi-purpose and space efficient areas, maximising students’ study and ensuring a range of teaching requirements were achieved.

Guildford's Science Laboratories Challenge

The renovations for the Junior and Sixth Form laboratories were key refurbishment areas for the school and we were therefore determined to create the best possible areas for the girls to increase their STEM learning. For the younger students, the aim was to inspire whilst having fun.  The criteria for Sixth Form meant the girls needed to not only be inspired but also enjoy a professional educational space to reflect all requirements; a key aspect was to maximise the area available to fit the required number of students. 

Guildford’s ‘House Hub’ Challenge

For the ‘House Hub’, commissioned by the Headteacher, the challenge was to create an inspirational learning environment for Sixth Formers. Designed for a number of different teaching requirements, this multi-purpose learning space aimed to optimise the best teacher and student led learning to reflect the progressive yet ambitious ethos of the school.

Envoplan's Solution

Designed in consultation with the school, the Science Laboratories are now bright, flexible areas that students and staff alike enjoy.  Our interior design team used a mix of interconnecting shapes and colours from our range of sturdy yet eye catching furniture, enabling staff to change the layout of the room as required.  Both junior and senior girls can enjoy the learning success that comes with studying Science, in an environment that maximises study with engaging student participation.
The ‘House Hub’ provides a flexible and innnovative atmosphere aligned with practical designs.  These include: a Teaching Wall; a flexible pod unit with lift up worktop for additional work surface;  a range of in-built anti-stress and calming measures; corresponding acoustic rafts overhead control the sound reverberation.  Bold colours make the room a desirable place for students to want to achieve maximum success.


Acres Of Grounds
School Founded

Case Studies

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Guildford High School Learning Space Renovations

Guildford High School collaborated with Envoplan to breathe some life into their learning spaces. Two science labs were refurbished.

Barrow Hills School - 013

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Guildford High School Learning Space Renovations

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